Sharing my Science at Town Hall

While many of my science communication efforts take place online, sometimes you can’t beat talking about science with somebody face-to-face. You can gauge how an audience is following you by their body language,  answering their questions, spend more time on the pieces that they find interesting, and create a richer sensory experience that is so valuable to memory.

That’s why I gave a public presentation on my M.S. research at Town Hall Seattle in January 2012. This was my first public presentation, and you can tell from my stiffness that I was quite nervous to speak with authority to a group of ~25 civilians. But after the experience, my confidence in speaking about salmon migration in Puget Sound has increased significantly. I now find nothing more satisfying than taking the results of my master’s research, weaving it into a story, and relaying it to somebody who thinks they know nothing about salmon.

In order to give this presentation, I took a course at the University of Washington known as Communicating Science to the Public Effectively. I went on to become the instructor of this course the following year, and am on the board of directors for the Engage Program, from which the course was born. Check out their website (which I also designed) for more information about the program, or check out my post on what it was like to teach the course.

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